Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Has Changed - see the before & after

From December 1950 issue of "Better Home and Gardens"
"Kitchens are for Living"
"Our kitchen is the heart of your home.  It's where your family gathers after work or after the movies to talk, and to snack, and to read the newspaper.  So make your kitchen as livable as it can be.  The Glade Porters of Glendale, California, chose cherry colors, patterned wallpaper, natural wood cabinets and added a friendly fireplace.  You can too."

Better Home and Gardens Dec. 1950

Better Home and Garden Dec. 1950

Before Updating for the 2012 Lifestyle
When our clients purchased this home in 2010, they became the 3rd homeowner. Before then, little had changed. Along the way the natural wood cabinets and wood ceilings were painted "white". Appliances were upgraded to circa 1960's sleek black models, and an addition of a dishwasher was added. The original wood flooring was covered with sheet vinyl and the old fashion pattern wallpaper was replaced with "white" paint.  Even a built-in recessed toaster was installed. Yet, the bones of the kitchen remained intact. 

In the late 60's appliances were changed
Present Day -
MKandcompany Interior Design and Decoration gives this dated kitchen the respect it deserved by maintaining the original bones and details.

Today the charm remains
By replacing the dated electric cook-top with a new stainless steel gas range top and plastic laminated counter tops with polished stone, it begins to bring the kitchen into 2012. A new counter height table/island is added for a more functional work area. The stand alone refrigerator was replaced with a stainless steel cabinet depth model. Dated vinyl flooring was removed and the original wood floors refinished and bought back to life.


Other upgrades included additional lighting using 4" recessed fixtures. Exhaust fan for the existing hood is replaced with a state-of-the-art stainless steel hood interior. Existing black iron hardware is maintain and new matching hardware added. Brightly colored tiles and new paint finishes are also added, and a new decorative light fixture hangs over the table/island.



After all these years the "friendly" fireplace has not been touched. The remodel is now perfect for today's young family and active lifestyle.

Appliances: MD Appliances
Plumbing: George's Showroom
Recessed Lighting: Pasadena Lighting
Decorative Lighting: Rejuvenation Lighting

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